Every car owner gets much difficulty with the progress of the headlight cataracts that is misty yellow. Though they have used a variety of cleanup kits, they do not get the best result. They search for the easiest and safest method to prevent their car’s headlight from turning yellow. The polycarbonate lens covered by the protective coat application during the manufacturer may get damaged later. The Sun’s UV rays play the main role behind the yellowing headlights at this time. If you park your vehicle in the open for a long-time day after day and drive your vehicle for a few couples of years, then your car’s headlight may turn to yellow.

Different options to deal with the foggy headlights

Plastic covers or coatings with clear appearance are designed to take care of the headlights in the car by reducing the total amount of sunlight gets through headlights. You may search for headlight restoration products with an objective to avoid yellowed headlights and problems related to such headlights. You can focus on and purchase a suitable headlight restoration product suggested by satisfied users. It is the right time to explore various aspects of removing the yellow color in the headlight of your car. You can remove the existing damaged yellow or outer layer of the headlight. Now, you have to apply the protective coating.

fix yellow headlights

Many people use a variety of products and techniques with an objective to fix yellow headlights as quickly as possible. For example, they use the fine sandpaper, toothpaste, gels and liquids in different categories to slow down or prevent the degradation process in headlights.  This is advisable to invest in and use an electric drill-based sanding system for removing yellow headlights related damages. Do not forget to the follow instructions about how to polish and prepare for the complete protective coating.

The main causes of foggy headlights

foggy headlightsWhy do headlights get foggy? Headlights of the vehicle get foggy due to loads of reasons including, but not limited to the following.

  • Oxidation
  • Road damage
  • Dirt & chemicals
  • Water vapor

The oxidation takes place whenever the polycarbonate lens exposed to the air and UV radiation. If you drive your vehicle on the damaged road, then there are maximum possibilities for small rock and debris pit the lens made of polycarbonate material. The gravel does not fail to make dents and pits on polycarbonate lens in the vehicle.  A thin layer of dirt and chemicals leads to yellow and foggy headlights. The high moisture content in the air makes vapor inside the headlight and leads to yellow headlights.

It is the suitable time to know about how to deal with the oxidized headlights and make your headlights efficient in all aspects.  Once you have removed the headlight’s top layer, you have to use the sandpaper and clean it. You can use the masking tape for sanding the lens by masking around the light. Now, polish the lens of the headlight by using the best suitable headlight polish and a microfiber towel.