Buyer’s guide to purchase the best home theatre projector

What to look for in a projector

Not all the home theatre systems are same because every home theatre is unique with the designs, specifications and also features. When you look for a projector, you should use of buyer’s guide given by the experts in order to pick the right choice of the projector for you.

guide to the best home theatre projector

Significant factors to be considered:

The following are the main features of a good projector to be considered while making the right selection for you.


The brightness of your projector is actually measured in ANSI lumens. When it comes to the home theatre projectors, they usually start out at 1000 lumens to the 2500 lumens and more. The viewing display or environment is the most important factor in how many lumens needed by your projector. If you are selecting the dedicated home theatres, they will not require much brightness because they are light from the windows or some other household lighting.

Image quality

When it comes to the image quality, there are 3 main factors available such as your source material, native resolution and also the contrast ratio of the projector. In the current age, there are two most common resolutions of the home theatre projector including HD (1920 x 1080) and XGA (1280 x 800).

Native aspect ratio

Due to the projectors are a device with the fixed resolution display, they have the best native aspect ratio. The general native aspect ratio for the home theatre projectors are 4:3, 16:10 and 16:9.

Ability to directly connect to AV receiver, if it has special inputs for projector.

home projector buying guide

Everything about 3D home theatre projectors

Now, you can also have the different models of the 3D projectors from the top tier brands. They are not only popular these days but they are in the field for more than a decade. Today’s leading manufacturers of the home theatres have a variety of the 3D models for all your requirements. Once you have selected the 3D projector for your home theatre system, the next important thing which you consider is the setup of the projector. It can be mounted on the ceiling or it can be set on the top of the table.

If you are choosing the ceiling mounting method for fixing your projector, it will definitely offer you the most polished look for your complete viewing area. At the same time, you can also give a complete protection and security to your projector in this way. If you are going with the tabletop projectors, they are in and easy for the transportation. There are several top brands of the tabletop projectors currently available in the market with the less fan noise and all other important features.

Before buying a screen for your home theatre system, first of all you should need to buy a projector first and install it. Then, start up your projector and decide which size of the screen will require for your projection needs

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